Croatia Production House Offers Creative Filming Locations

Croatia has become a popular place to film movies and television shows over the past few years, due to its stunningly beautiful natural scenery and historical cities such as Dubrovnik. While it can be costly to travel all the way to Europe to film, you don’t have to choose between paying high prices or filming in the United States, which may not have the right look that you want. The ideal solution is Croatian production house BestMedia, located in beautiful Zagreb, which offers high-quality video and photography equipment rentals as well as creatively filmed locations at a fraction of the cost of filming abroad.

Why is Croatian film industry booming?

Boasting an exceptional coastline, mountains, forests and a large capital city filled with cutting-edge architecture and centuries of history, there are countless reasons why Croatia has become one of Europe’s hottest filming locations. So many producers have recently used Croatia as a backdrop for their film and TV projects that in 2016 it was named Hollywood on Sea by Variety magazine. With its mild Mediterranean climate, unique filming locations and internationally acclaimed filmmakers at its helm, it isn’t difficult to see why so many top directors have flocked to Zagreb; Game of Thrones being just one example.

Beautiful natural landscapes

One of Croatia’s main draws is its natural beauty. The country sits on a spit of land that forms part of an Adriatic Sea, which means that Croatia has some amazing seaside views and sunsets. (And lots of beaches to lay out on.) Combine that with interesting rock formations, mountains, and rivers, and you have an ideal filming location. Film crews can film anywhere in Croatia without having to worry about permits or production insurance—making it a top destination for filmmakers. If you’re looking for great natural backdrops but want something a little more exotic than your standard jungle or beach shots, look no further than Croatia.

Historical architecture

This is a popular filming location for soaps, commercials and feature films. Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city situated on a rugged coastline in southern Croatia; it’s also known as The Pearl of Adriatic. It has stood since 7th century and was once part of Venetian Empire. Today, its medieval walls are still intact and only one percent of it has been modernized. The city also has gothic churches, Roman-era architecture, secluded beaches and a wide variety of restaurants with live music entertainment.

Excellent production crew and equipment

Our production services are utilized by a number of renowned media companies and network TV stations, providing high-quality filming experiences for our clients. We’ve worked in all areas of Croatia, from its most popular and scenic destinations to hidden corners off-the-beaten path. Our Croatian production crews are not only expert at what they do but enthusiastic about it as well. We will help you find your location and plan out logistics so that you can focus on creating your story. Whether you need filming equipment or crew, our team has you covered with quality service. For example, we offer video shooting rentals to ensure smooth and flawless video footage with minimal disruption on set.

Free filming locations

Croatia’s stunning natural beauty makes it a perfect location for filming. With its rugged coastlines, picturesque hillsides and remote islands, Croatia is ideal for anyone looking to create a visually striking film set. Big-budget movie productions such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Robin Hood: Origins are just some of the blockbuster hits that have been filmed in Croatia recently, so why not get in on some of that action? If you’re looking to create your own film set or already have an exciting project lined up with many visual elements, taking advantage of Croatia’s natural environment could be a great idea for your next production.

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